Your Home, Your Move

We've been helping families and individuals move home in and around London and to the rest of the UK for over a decade. We ensure your move is handled with care from the moment we step into your home to give you a personal quote, to the safe packing and transportation of your belongings.
Call to speak to one of our office team about your personal requirements.

Move Management

We prefer an initial face to face meeting to discuss your moving requirements and to talk through your moving concerns. Although there is not much we haven’t seen over the years, your removal is still unique to you as are your personal concerns about moving.

A written quote will promptly arrive after our meeting. As soon as you give us the go ahead, we will put the wheels in motion arranging parking suspensions and considering which team would be best suited to your removal. We'll offer advice, information, and a solution. Do consider our packing service which takes so much pressure off you for moving home, especially if you work, have children, or both! Our packing will arrive the day before the move and pack every inch of your home for you, leaving you the day free to get on with all the other bits required when moving home.

Quote My Removal

Quotes at Your Home

There’s no better way than meeting face to face so you can get the measure of Fulham Removals and we can get the measure of your move.

This meeting is a good time for you to point out any items or areas that are of particular concern.

Packing Materials

We can deliver packing materials to your home prior to your move so you can get started and it is also the perfect time to declutter!

Fulham Removals offer a complimentary FARA Charity Shop run for you to take your unwanted bits directly to them.

Packing Services

Packing is key to an efficient move. Using our professional packing service minimises the chance of breakages.

Packing properly can save you time and stress on moving day.

Parking Permits

We can liaise with your local council to arrange parking outside your property for moving day.

Be aware that different councils require different notification periods to reserve parking bays.

DIsmantling and Reassembling Furniture

You have a team on the ground, use them to take apart and put back together your furniture. We do it every day so the likelihood is that we can help!

This can be tedious work for you, but our men are willing and able to give you a head start in your new home.

Planning to Move Soon?

We are committed to delivering a high quality, local service. Through out national operational network we provide removals and storage services to customers.

Why you should choose us for removal?

  • Well mannered, hard-working and dedicated removal teams
  • 15 years experience moving people around and out of London
  • Logistical solutions for your trickier moves. Understanding and solving access issues.
On the Day Services

We are highly experienced in dismantling and the reinstatement of furniture. You can relax with knowledge that your furniture is being handled with great care.

Packing & Unpacking

Our moving teams are fully trained on the best packing practices, that we have refined over the years. We offer a full packing and unpacking service and specialised services for precious or fragile items.

FARA Charity Service

The FARA Charity transforms the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.. We support this charity with your help by donating anything you no longer need, if you no longer need it - they would love to have it. The charity survives and thrives on your generous donations. With your written quote, we will supply a list of requirements that FARA kindly request about your donations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured. Our insurance covers up to £50,000 per van load when you declare a estimated total value of your goods.

What if I still have some bits to pack on the day?

If you find yourself still packing on the day, it will only add to your stress levels and the move will inevitably take longer - be completely prepared before moving day!

Can you dispose of unwanted furniture?

We have a trade account with the Wandsworth Waste facility.. They charge us a rate of £75.00 per tonne which is what we will charge you plus our travel time to and from the dump NB: This facility do not accept any fridges or mattresses

Do you disassemble Furniture and un-plumb / plumb washing machines?

Yes we do disassemble and reassemble standard items and plumb washing machines as long as they are standard

What if I live in an area where you can’t reserve parking bay?

Please speak to your neighbours prior to moving day and perhaps park your car outside your house or put out wheelie bins to deter people from parking outside your home.

How much notice do you need to book a removal?

We understand that completion dates can be changeable so do give us a try even if it is last minute but ideally we ask for at least 2-3 weeks notice.

Do you unpack?

Yes we can do. We will unpack items out of boxes and on to a flat surfaces and we will take away the waste. Unpacking is personal so it is up to you to decide what items you wish to allocate to each cupboard and most people prefer to do that themselves.

Do you do removals on Sundays and Bank Holidays?

Yes we do.

Have more questions? Please contact us to get answers

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